Sabtu, 27 Juni 2009

super junior cyworld diary entry..

Donghae cy 16/03/09
The first broadcast has finally ended you've waited very long and anticipated it for very long right? Lets run together now*!!let's go ELF!!Girl girl girl girl girl girl girl! When i open my eyes, i think of E.L.F whether im sleeping or awake i only think of you.
Donghae cy 24/03/09
No more pain, laugh lots, eat lots, love us lots..
Donghae cy 27/03/09
ELF!!i love you!!thank you!!thanks!!forever!!together today we really shed lots of tears!! Thank you for always giving us firm strength!! Love you my loves dont be hurt!!
Hoho makin cinta sama donghae!!
Donghae cy 02/04/09 We're back from thailand *indonesianya kapan??*We haven't been to thailand in such a long while,sorry thai fans thank you for giving sorry, sorry so much love..
Donghae cy 12/04/09Im very very thankful to everyone of you receiving this huge amount of love from everyone,i really want to say thank you very much, and im really grateful because of you guys, i know the reason im livin *oh so sweet oppa*
Donghae cy 02/05/09My has been 12 years since coming out to live life..i met really good people. To be honest, when i saw leeteuk hyung's words, i's a truth i really hate to admit..but nothing is possible without like this, it was only possible becaure of hyungie.teukie hyung who,thinks about others before himself and altough it's just a little more, he'd give others even more. He's superb during broadcast. Even though (he) knows everything.the feeling is like hes not joking around..altough there are times when (he) makes the atmospheric a little uncomfortable. Teuk who never admits to failure and is willing to bravely challenge anything even when i'm 40 or 50,i will believe in hyung. I love you!!hyung-nim! Hyung nim dont feel lonely...i will continue nagging right beside you even 10years from now on.suju leader leeteuk!! Leeteuk who is stronger than anyone else!! You are truly the thumb - wrestling king!!
Donghae cy 05/05/09This is donghae my cyworld didnt get hecked into..the clothes for the site are very pretty so i uploaded it~~there seem to be alot of replies not liking it** i donghae, am not like that.. Please calm down~~!!Minihompy title:*even though(im?) not liking homegage''
Donghae cy 07/05/09Somtimes i feel like stopping
Donghae cy 16/05/09 Thank you so much to those who have been giving us love on music bank all the way till the end!! I love you!
Donghae cy 22/05/09Whos the one donghae love??*Neo..ra..go!!
Yup neorago oppa!!!

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